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Inside Our Factories | Made in Portugal

Quality and craftsmanship is at the heart of everything we do, so for us that means flying to the other side of the world to produce our collections.

Portuguese shoemaking dates back to the 12th century, with a tradition of handcrafted work. The craftsmanship and knowledge is unparalleled, which means we can bring you shoes hand made with the expertise of generational shoemakers.

The most beautiful shoes are made in the smallest Portuguese municipality, São João da Madeira, so that’s where we went to create our shoes. Known as the “shoe industry capital”, it is internationally renowned for producing some of the finest shoes in the world.

We had a friend in the industry willing to make an introduction. As a result this factory took a chance on us for our first production run, understanding that though our quantities are small today, we will grow in the future.

We count ourselves lucky to have found a factory that makes beautiful products in a beautiful place with friendly people and an owner who understands the value of treating his employees well.

We've become really good friends with everyone involved; we've sat at kitchen tables with their families and drunk wine while they passed on their sage advice of how we should best go about things.

Our commitment to tradition ensures that no two of our shoes are the same. We've learned from generational craftsmen to give you shoes that feel as they should: 
ready to be worn. 

Our New Classic boots as  work in progress:

We hope you love our shoes as much as we do!