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Brooke Holm - Wetlands

€299 EUR

Brooke Holm - Wetlands

€299 EUR


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In a special collaboration, ESSEN has partnered with renowned photographer Brooke Holm on an exclusive open-edition print series. Made-to-order, 100% of each print’s proceeds will go towards Clean The Sea

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Brooke is an Australian-American photographer and explorer studying the elemental features of the Earth through detailed environmental portraits. Her work focuses on the physical body of the Earth and humankind's opposing practices of reverence and exploitation towards it. Often working from a small aircraft, Brooke photographs the veins and arteries of our planet, revealing the pockmarks of time on the surface. "When altering our conventional viewpoint, the greater picture is a network of interconnected bodies," notes Brooke, "Our bodies are merely extensions of the body of the Earth".  

'Wetlands' is an open edition work available exclusively in April to coincide with Earth Month. Photographed from a helicopter in the wetlands of Walvis Bay, Namibia, its painterly qualities depict the drying and replenishing nature of the wetlands through a study of water as a diverse and complex ecosystem at work. In this environment, a precious story of regeneration and survival is told; all the water that is on the Earth is all that will ever be here, and without water, life simply ceases to exist. 

100% of proceeds will be donated to charity | ESSEN

Size 50 x 37cm.

Giclee Inkjet Photographic Print - unframed

These open edition prints are made-to-order.
Please choose carefully as they are not eligible for a refund or exchange.


Giclee Inkjet Print - unframed


These open edition prints are made-to-order. Please choose carefully as they are not eligible for a refund or exchange.

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