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ESSEN x Jane Magazine

This beautiful editorial in Jane Magazine is an art series that explores different body shapes and generating a new form: the body space. Our shoes are shot by Photographer Lilli Waters and Cristina Guerrero Fernández with two talents, or separated, performing through sculptural movements and creating an abstract scenario for still life compositions.

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ESSEN x Also Journal

Also Journal's newest body of work featuring our Foundation Flat captures the freedom of movement and the female form. This is something that we regularly draw inspiration from when designing our shoes, so being part of this editorial was an extra special experience.

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Integrity & On-Demand Manufacturing

In this interview with Flaura Wellness, our Founder & Creative Director Marre discusses what makes ESSEN different to other brands, what it's like working with our workshops in Europe from Melbourne and how the pandemic has affected the way she works. 

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The Brands Really Making A Commitment To A More Sustainable Future

We are committed to making better choices every day across the business to minimise our social and environmental impact. We're grateful to be included in this important Grazia feature, highlighting brands are trying to be part of the solution in the fight against climate change, making ambitious drives towards sustainably-sourced materials or committing themselves to charitable initiatives. 

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The 30 Best Sustainable Brands

The race to net zero means we need to get a grip on our wardrobes. We are drowning in clothes and 87 per cent of clothing material is incinerated, consigned to landfills or dumped in the natural environment. The Times provides tips on how to be an eco style queen, and we're honoured to be included in lineup of brands that are adopting more sustainable business practises.

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ESSEN x Vogue Turkey

There is something quite transformative about closet staples with unique details, and our bestselling Luxe Loafers still have maximum impact with minimum effort. Together with Pooja Mor, Lorna McGee shows the many ways you can wear them in this beautiful Vogue feature. 

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The Most Comfortable Shoe Brands

Our effortless essentials are hardworking classics that are aesthetically beautiful, supremely comfortable and ethically made. We spent a lot of time engineering the construction and fit of our shoes, to allow women to move seamlessly and confidently through their day, without compromising on style, comfort and craftsmanship.

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The Sustainable Fashion Brands To Have On Your Radar

As we become more aware of the significant and deeply consequential impacts the fashion industry is having on our environment, a change in our consumerist-driven ways is well overdue. While the facts may be hard to digest, it's now more important than ever that we listen. Here, in Australia, 6000 kilograms of textile waste is deposited into landfill every 10 minutes. 

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How To Make Your Business More Sustainable

For anyone starting or nurturing a new business, sustainability needs to be a key pillar. In this current climate emergency, all businesses need to have a sustainable strategy. But where do you start? Given the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluting industries in the world (it’s the second, after the oil industry), fashion designers are well placed to give advice on how to tackle the issue. 
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