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Jewellery Care Guide

ESSEN jewellery is handcrafted by expert craftsmen using 100%  locally sourced recycled precious metals. It is delicate by nature and we encourage customers to take extra care when wearing it daily. Below, learn more about how to care for your pieces and maximise their wear for years to come.


  • To keep your 18-carat gold vermeil or sterling silver jewellery as bright as possible, we strongly advise that you avoid contact with salt water, perfumes, lotions and cosmetics.
  • We recommend taking your jewellery off when sleeping, swimming, showering or exercising, as this will tarnish the metal’s appearance over time.
  • Ensure to store your jewellery in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and avoid storing your pieces in a closed humid environment.
  • All metals will naturally soften, fade and oxidise with time and will require cleaning and maintenance. Note - All ESSEN jewellery includes a box and polishing cloth for safe storage and polishing.

18-carat Gold Vermeil

Gold vermeil is the highest quality of gold plating available, electroplated over a base of 925 sterling silver. To preserve its brightness, we advise you to regularly clean your jewellery. This prevents the build-up of oils, dirt and residue which can potentially affect gold plating. For cleaning, a soft cloth is all you need. Please avoid metal polish or cleaners.

925 Sterling Silver

925 sterling silver stands as the highest silver quality, yet it may naturally tarnish when exposed to elements like oxygen, chemicals, liquids, and substances from the skin. To maintain its high-shine finish, consider using a gentle reducing agent, such as a silver polishing cloth or a silver dip bath.