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About Us

Effortless from afar, elegant up close. ESSEN reimagines classic footwear by magnifying what is essential and editing out excess.

Our aim is to make timeless, sophisticated shoes that are accessible for all. A collection of wardrobe staples that never fall out of style and can be carried over from season to season.   

Inspired by women of style and substance, ESSEN combines the classic with the contemporary to create shoes you’ll wear and treasure for years to come.

Our Story

Our story began with the search for good quality, timeless footwear without the premium price tag. A search that quickly proved that sometimes the simplest things are the most difficult to find. So we paused to imagine a line of our own and in 2016 ESSEN was born - a brand dedicated to beautiful, classic footwear that stands the test of time.

Our Vision

It’s a simple one. To create elegant, classic styles that round out the wardrobe and stand the test of time. We never compromise on quality and every shoe, every collection and every thought is made with this in mind. Born out of a love for art and design, ESSEN is inspired by the modern, intelligent woman who is not defined by age or occupation. She has an appreciation for the finer details and is understated in her approach to style.

Our Product

All ESSEN products are designed and developed in Melbourne and entirely handmade in Italy, Portugal & Spain. Our offering is a careful curation of wardrobe staples, available exclusively online. Because we wanted to do it right, we’re starting small. Our styles are limited releases, created in small production runs. This allows us to take the utmost care when creating our pieces, designing every detail to ensure lasting appeal and timeless sophistication. 

Our products reflect this longevity through superior craftsmanship and exceptional fit. We work with local, family-run factories in both Italy, Portugal and Spain who have been making shoes for generations. They are responsible for the long-lasting constructions of every pair we make. From the leather selection, the engineering of the lasts, the pattern cuts and the hand finishing of the shoes; our entire range is handmade by people who place care into every single pair produced.