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Care Better, Wear Longer

Polishing The Modern Moccasin in Tan from ESSEN

Soft and buttery, our leather is reliably hardwearing, yet as a natural material it can be sensitive. Good shoes are an investment, and taking care of yours will greatly extend their lifespan. As part of our commitment to more sustainable choices, all our shoes are made using high-quality LWG-certified leathers. Slight variations in colour and texture are natural characteristics of leather and make each pair unique. 

We love our shoes and want to help preserve yours. To keep your shoes looking their best for a long time, here are some tips we've learnt along the way:

ESSEN Shoe care products


Before your first wear, spray your shoes with an all-season leather protector. If your shoes get wet, water will be repelled, not absorbed. Repeat this every few weeks during the rainy season.

While getting caught in light rain once or twice isn't the end of the world, repeated exposure will effect the integrity of your soles and can irrevocably damage leather shoes. If you do get caught out in the rain, just make sure your shoes are dry before you wear them again.

Remember to always dry them naturally, with soles facing upwards and away from any direct or strong heat source.

How to care for your shoes


If you’re going to do one thing for leather-soled shoes, add a thin rubber sole protector. Wearing your shoes for too long on a diminished sole can cause lasting damage to high-end footwear.

If your shoes don’t already come with rubber-reinforced soles, we recommend having your local cobbler apply them. Water-resistant and skid proof, protective soles will greatly increase the life span of leather soles.

While there is no set rule for how regularly you should resole your shoes (amount of wear, type of wear, water damage and stride are all factors), once you start noticing that the wear is becoming increasingly obvious, it's time for a resole. The front part and the heel can be changed and the edges evened out by a specialist, who can also add a thin protective rubber sole.


Cleaning your shoes regularly helps give your shoes a longer life. Every few months, use a moisturising leather cleaner to help remove dirt and restore the natural oils in the leather.

Some conditioning and cleaning products can, however, affect the surface of the leather. To make sure that the leather doesn't get duller or darker, always test a new product on a small hidden area of the shoe before applying it on the whole shoe. Light-coloured leather is especially sensitive.

If you get a scuff or scratch, use a matching colour or neutral polish and buff with a soft cloth. This is also easily fixed at a shoeshine stand. Remember to re-apply your all-season leather protector afterwards.


Polishing the Classic Combat boots with ESSEN shoe care


Polish your shoes with nylon tights for extra shine. 


Fix frayed shoe laces by dipping the ends in clear nail polish. This will make them easier to lace.


When your shoes become wet, dry them with a soft, clean cloth and let them dry in a natural warm environment. If your shoes are so wet that they are damp on the inside, we recommend packing the inside of the shoes with newspaper to help absorb water. Leather should always dry naturally, so avoid fires and heaters. Overheating will literally cook the leather and cause it to become stiff and brittle. When drying, avoid contact with darker materials as this may cause some colour to leak or transfer onto the shoes.


After natural wear and tear you may want to revitalise the colour of your shoes. This can be done with specialist sprays, which have a similar tone to your shoe leather. We recommend making a trial on the inside of the shoe beforehand to ensure a perfect match and avoid any unwanted colour change.

How to care for The Classic Combat made from luxurious aniline leather


Use a shoehorn. They save the heels of your shoes from getting crushed, stretching, or wrinkling the leather on your heel.


Use unfinished cedar wood shoetrees for your favourite shoes. Shoetrees can extend the life of your shoes up to three times their expected life span. They absorb moisture, awaken the shoe’s natural structural memory, and prevent the leather from wrinkling and cracking.


Give your shoes a rest. Leather shoes should have one full day to dry out from natural foot perspiration. While we understand that you want to wear your favourite shoes three days in a row, giving them a day off between outings will keep them very happy.

The Modern Moccasin in Tan by ESSEN

“Treat your shoes with love, 
it will make them last longer.”