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Inside Our Factories | Italy

For the making of our Foundation Flats we travelled to the land of artisanal craftsmanship, Italy. Twice a year we visit a beautiful place called Le Marche, where modern shoemaking was invented. Also known as the Shoe Valley, Le Marche is a historical region best known for eminent Italian shoemaking and considered the world’s oldest and best shoe manufacturing district since 1901. Here we work with an alliance of skilled artisan shoemakers whose skills have been passed on generation after generation. It’s a solid base of family-run factories and local craftsmen. Our factories have more than 30 years of experience producing handmade shoes and the artisans employ time-honoured methods passed down through generations, to produce timeless shoes that are uncompromised in their construction. From the...

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Inside Our Factories | Portugal

Quality and craftsmanship is at the heart of everything we do, so for us that means flying to the other side of the world to produce our collections. Portuguese shoemaking dates back to the 12th century, with a tradition of handcrafted work. The craftsmanship and knowledge is unparalleled, which means we can bring you shoes hand made with the expertise of generational shoemakers. The most beautiful shoes are made in the smallest Portuguese municipality, São João da Madeira, so that’s where we went to create our shoes. Known as the “shoe industry capital”, it is internationally renowned for producing some of the finest shoes in the world. We had a friend in the industry willing to make an introduction. As a result this factory...

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Alexandria Coe | In Her Shoes

We’ve long admired the work of London based Artist Alexandria Coe. Her art focuses on simplified drawings, inspired by an authentic relationship with the body. The main subject of her work is the female nude. Her own understanding of the female form guides her hand to create powerful forms that are abstract in their simplicity, yet instantly recognisable to the viewer. We take a spin in Alexa's shoes.  The Perfect Pump by Alexa Coe.  How did you find and develop your artistic style? Boredom. A lack of work lead me to simply passing time doing what I knew best, drawing. In particular drawing the female form. I have always liked life drawing and it’s always been my skill. It was only at my...

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Harriet Parry | In Her Shoes

We were first introduced to Harriet’s work when she hosted a pop-up in London a few months ago and were immediately drawn to her creations. We stopped for a chat and Harriet was immediately warm, welcoming and full of life. Not your average florist, Harriet focuses on installations for events, fashion shoots and cutting edge exhibitions, always weaving art and fashion into her creations. We take a spin in Harriet Parry’s shoes.

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Inside Our Factories | Made in Portugal

When it comes to craftsmanship we refuse to compromise. The most beautiful shoes are made in Italy & Portugal, so that’s where we went to create our shoes. Go behind the scenes of our Portuguese factories and see how our shoes are made.

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