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Inside Our Workshops

When it comes to crafting shoes the slow way, we refuse to compromise. All styles are handmade in Italy, Portugal and Spain in solar-powered factories by expert artisans who have been making shoes for generations. 

They are responsible for the long-lasting constructions of every pair we make. From the leather selection, the engineering of the lasts and the hand finishing of the shoes - our entire range is handmade by people who care about every single pair produced.

Social justice is very important to us and we’re invested in making sure their craft is compensated accordingly, and in giving continuous, well-paid work. 

Our most valuable resources are people and our planet, and it is our duty to protect them throughout the entire manufacturing process. We can only improve what we can measure. Transparency is the key to protecting both.

Every ESSEN shoe has a story and we’re so proud of all the hard work and details that go into making them. Using block-chain technology, we’re now able to show you your shoes' complete journey through our supply chain, simply by scanning the QR code on your shoebox.