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Made in Spain | The Elevated Essential

The simplest shapes often require the most detail and when we set out to make our first heeled sandal, we knew we wanted quality that would stand the test of time.

To create the timeless look we wanted for our Elevated Essential, we needed a workshop that could craft shoes the slow way. Our Spanish, family run factory sits at the border of a medieval town and is home to our team of master craftsmen who have been making shoes with time-honoured techniques for generations. 

The tradition of shoemaking in Menorca is one that dates back to the 18th century. Locals say Menorcans have been crafting quality, handmade shoes for as long as they can remember. In a time before tourism, before the rest of the world discovered when Menorca’s beautiful beaches, the main industries of the island were agriculture and footwear.

Every one of these craftsmen and women is an expert in their particular stage of the process. They impart a depth of knowledge and skill born of many years honing their art and handcraft our shoes, down to the very last stitch.