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Made in Portugal | Our Shoes & Boots

For our first releases we wanted to pull out all the stops. 

The most beautiful shoes are made in the smallest Portuguese municipality São João da Madeira, so that’s where we went to create our shoes. Thanks to a serendipitous introduction from a friend in the industry, we were able to get in the door here.

We spent about 12 months on perfecting our lasts. In order to execute our design perfectly, we collaborated closely with the owner Andre through the entire process.

The craftsmen at the factory at are experts in their particular stage of the process. They impart a depth of knowledge and skill born of many years honing their art and handcraft our shoes, down to the very last stitch. We turned to them to source the best Italian leather and chose aniline and box calf leathers that would be resilient enough for daily wear and only become more beautiful with time.

Our factory is known for its ethical practices and beautiful product. When we first visited, we were very impressed by their streamlined processes and keen attention to detail. The manufacturing floor is clean and spacious, with lots of room for workers to work on their craft comfortably. We knew we had found the perfect partner when we learnt that the entire factory runs on solar energy and has a comprehensive internal waste management systems.

We count ourselves very lucky to have found a factory that makes beautiful products in a beautiful place with proud & friendly people and an owner who places importance on introducing sustainable practices in his manufacturing process and treating his employees well.

Our New Classic boots as  work in progress:


We've become really good friends with everyone involved; we've sat at kitchen tables with their families and drunk wine while they passed on their sage advice of how we should best go about things.

Our commitment to tradition ensures that no two of our shoes are the same. We've learned from generational craftsmen to give you shoes that feel as they should: ready to be worn. 

We hope you love our shoes as much as we do!