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Alexandria Coe | In Her Shoes

We’ve long admired the work of London based Artist Alexandria Coe. Her art focuses on simplified drawings, inspired by an authentic relationship with the body. The main subject of her work is the female nude.

Her own understanding of the female form guides her hand to create powerful forms that are abstract in their simplicity, yet instantly recognisable to the viewer.

We take a spin in Alexa's shoes. 

The Perfect Pump by Alexa Coe. 

How did you find and develop your artistic style?

Boredom. A lack of work lead me to simply passing time doing what I knew best, drawing. In particular drawing the female form. I have always liked life drawing and it’s always been my skill. It was only at my Masters that I started to understand and appreciate the beauty of abstraction. I can remember the teacher in class saying, “do less“ and draw with what you feel, not what you see, it’s unimportant.

Why the female nude? What does this subject matter mean to you personally?

It’s probably one of the most interesting subjects I can remember exploring at school. Though in art it’s hugely important, how society reacts to the female nude and its form is even more interesting. I like polarising people. Nudity splits people into love or discomfort.

Alexa, wearing The Luxe Loafer. 

How would you like to see the visual representation of women in culture change/evolve?

I would like to see a ban on beauty adverts, or anything female related which is known to increase insecurity.

Creativity versus commerciality, how do you walk this line as an artist?

Trying to stick to your roots is not always easy, especially in a city like London. It’s important to balance projects and always keep a personal notepad or practice, which remind you that when you have take on a project just because you need to ‘cough’ pay rent, you are more than that.

Which iconic artist would you most like to have a deep and meaningful with, and why?

Louise Bourgeois. I would ask how each of her artworks made her feel. Her work is so emotion, complex and female. Female in a powerful sense; her drawings demand attention and space, as do all women.

Does art (yours or that of others) influence the way you dress?

Well I’d say I have a split wardrobe. I have one that can get messy and one that I can pretend to be someone else. I love the idea of channelling different people at different points of the day.

The Summer Staple, according to Alexa. 

How does craftsmanship and conscious consuming impact your fashion decisions?

I originally studied textiles so have always appreciated good, consciously made clothes. I am always happy to buy less for a quality wardrobe. You can always tell the difference between well made, well designed clothing and stuff that was made to be thrown away the next season.

What does your shoe collection reveal about your personality?

That I live in London! Lots of leather boots and solid, sturdy soles.

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