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Harriet Parry | In Her Shoes


We were first introduced to Harriet’s work when she hosted a pop-up in London a few months ago and were immediately drawn to her creations. We stopped for a chat and Harriet was immediately warm, welcoming and full of life. 

Not your average florist, Harriet focuses on installations for events, fashion shoots and cutting edge exhibitions, always weaving art and fashion into her creations.

We take a spin in Harriet Parry’s shoes.

The beautiful floral installation Harriet created for ESSEN, featuring The Foundation Flat in Lilac, inspired by Matisse's The Dance, shot by Katie Palmer.  

You are clearly an art lover and reference iconic pieces regularly in your work, why did you choose floral as your medium and not a more traditional art style?

I grew up in the countryside, so I was always surrounded by nature. My granny’s garden was particularly lovely and I have very fond memories of picking and arranging flowers with her. I also come from a Fine Art back ground, so combining the two made the perfect sense!

Does the perishable nature of floral frustrate you or add another layer to the artistic experience?

It definitely adds to my art. There is so much beauty even in a flowers decay. Its initial vivid brightness is replaced with a subtle fragility. A transcendent beauty, which parallels our own lives.

Why the miniature arrangements? What appeals to you about working on such a tiny scale?

A mini scale gives the subject a precious, treasured, jewel like quality. The Anatomy of a flower is a fascinating thing and when working on a tiny scale you observe and work in a considered way, gaining a greater appreciation. It naturally creates a state of mindfulness.

Behind the scenes, featuring The Perfect Pump and The Foundation Flatshot by Katie Palmer

Floral is one of the most shared types of content on Instagram, how has the platform helped or hindered your work?

It has helped me a lot. It is a great way of sharing your work with people who you other wise wouldn’t reach. There is a great creative community on Instagram as well. It’s so special connecting with new creative friends, who inspire you and who you end up collaborating on projects with. I think the most important thing to remember is always be yourself on social media. Like nature and flowers I guess, they are always true to themselves. 

Describe your ultimate collaboration, who would it be with and what would you create?

My ultimate collaboration would be with Filmmaker and artist David Lynch. I would absolutely love to work on a piece of floral set design with him.

Does your wardrobe style align with your artistic style, or are the two very separate?

My wardrobe and artistic style mirror each other completely. On one hand, they both can be bold, using bright colours and strong shapes and on the other hand, be soft and natural with a real romance to them. 

How does craftsmanship and conscious consuming impact your fashion decisions?

They impact my fashion decisions constantly. It is so important to know where and how your clothes have been created and be aware of the production of responsibly sourced materials and products. We should all consider the impact these choices have on the environment and support companies and brands that share your values, to become part of a bigger community who care about the world around us. It is also wonderful to be able to support smaller independent brands; who, like me, hold craftsmanship and care in the highest regard. 

If you had to wear only one style of shoe every day for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

A colourful flat. 

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