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The ESSENtialists with Maggie Holladay

Welcome to the ESSENtialists, a series where we connect with inspiring creatives, entrepreneurs and like-minded women over the Essence of Less.

Maggie Holladay knows better than most what makes a great investment. As the founder of the cult design gallery, Claude Home, her curation and design sensibility are second nature. Working with a small team, she brings together unique artists from around the world, selling their objects of interest, along with designing furniture that exudes minimalism and serenity. A lover of timeless beauty, Maggie’s affinity for the functional and refined shows up everywhere from her home, to her closet and even in her beauty rituals.

From unpacking her creative practice to her favourite ESSEN piece, read on for our second instalment of the ESSENtialists in conversation with Maggie Holladay.

The ESSENtialist with Maggie Holladay

Can you tell us a little about yourself? Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Maggie Holladay I’m the founder of Claude Home. A website that curates vintage furniture, brings together unique artists from around the world and sells their goods, along with designing furniture.

How do you curate your work?

I spend a lot of time looking through books, finding an artist I love, then switching to Google to learn more about them and finding buried images. I love learning about interior designers, architects and furniture designers of the past and digging deep into their lives.

The ESSENtialist with Claude Home

What is your idea of luxury?

My idea of luxury is a few things. But really, dressing or designing a space that is true to yourself is extremely luxurious. Ones that stick true tend to carry themselves in a confident way - this feels like luxury to me.

The ESSENtialist with Claude Home

The ESSENtialist with Maggie Holladay

How does your design aesthetic influence the way you dress?

Everything I have sourced for my home is extremely timeless. I’m the same way with my wardrobe, anything I purchase (no matter the price) I sit on it for a few weeks to make sure I'm going to want to keep it forever. I also look at clothing the same way as home decor with quality. Acquiring pieces that will stand the test of time is extremely important to me.

Which is your favourite ESSEN piece and why?

The Modern Moccasin. I already know I’m going to wear them to death. They’re the perfect loafer to slip on to make a simple, everyday jean and t-shirt outfit look so put together.


The ESSENtialist with Claude Home

Which piece in your wardrobe have you had the longest?

I have two pairs of vintage Levi's I’ve had for about nine years. As my style has changed they’ve evolved with me and will continue to.

What’s a piece of style advice that guides your work?

Tailoring and silhouettes are so important when it comes to anything design wise. A chair can be beautiful but if the stitching isn’t correct it can quickly ruin a piece of furniture, a t-shirt, or even a pair of shoes. The small details are what can really change a piece.

The ESSENtialist with Maggie Holladay

Aside from design, where else does minimalism show up in your life?

It shows up everywhere in my life. I really dislike having so many options. With makeup I have one look: one lipstick, blush and foundation at all times.

The ESSENtialist with Claude Home

What inspires you?

I think the energy of the ones I’m around inspires me the most. If my team is happy and excited nothing pushes me to work harder and be more creative. It creates a flow that inspires me to create more.

What’s something you’re working towards?

I’m working towards a lot more design work done by myself for Claude. It brings me so much joy to design furniture with my name on it and seeing the final results.