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Circularity is a journey and we’re only at the beginning.

The fashion industry is responsible for more annual carbon emissions than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. But whilst it’s having a detrimental impact on the world’s natural resources, it also can become one of the most circular industries.

As a small, creative brand, we can reimagine anything into something new. To ensure materials are given a second life we keep leftover materials and deadstock, bringing them back into the spotlight through new ideas and designs.

With every ESSEN style we create, we carefully consider the environmental and social impact across its entire life cycle.

By employing circular models, we’re working to minimise resource consumption, eliminate waste and extend the life of our products.

Our intention for our pieces is for them to retain their value and for customers to have a long-term relationship with them rather than just a season. This includes repairing, donating and re-selling our old pieces, instead of just throwing them away, where they will inevitably end up in landfills.

Together, we can achieve this through six simple steps.


We’re always re-evaluating our product design, operational processes, industry standards and partnerships to ensure we are working in the most circular way possible.

We’re improving our resource effectiveness, reducing our need for non-renewable energy and keeping our use of primary resources to a minimum. Wastage is an issue at all stages of a product's lifespan and we work extremely hard to keep our cutting as tight as possible, reducing waste throughout our production process.

As a consumer, consumption is the easiest way to move toward circularity. And while reducing your wardrobe to the essentials takes a lot of discipline, it's an important step in minimising your environmental impact. We’re firm believers that capsule wardrobes cultivate creativity. Invest in quality, comfortable pieces that last and transition from season to season.


Social media has created an unhealthy relationship with our wardrobe but it’s time we normalised re-wearing outfits. It’s rumoured that the world now consumes around 80 billion new pieces of clothing every year so shopping consciously has never been more important. Choose more considered staples that you'll love and cherish. Pieces that are endlessly versatile and designed to last. 


92 million tonnes of textile waste is created each year and by 2030, we are expected to discard more than 134 million tonnes of textiles per year, worldwide. 95% of these textiles could be reused and recycled. Donate to companies or brands that will recycle items you no longer use or buy second-hand. 


Treating your pieces with love will make them last longer. Reconnect with your wardrobe, rather than viewing items as quick trends or throwaway things. Enjoy the pleasure of buying well-made, timelessly designed pieces and being able to recognise quality. Borrowing from the Japanese Kintsugi concept of repairing broken pottery pieces, we value the art of upcycling, repairing and properly caring for your wardrobe. 


Reselling pieces you no longer want or need has never been easier. To help get you started, we put together a guide here


Our number one mission is to keep our pieces in your closet, and out of landfills.

Yet we understand that style, or circumstances can change. Shifting to a circular future through reselling and recycling is a necessary responsibility towards our planet. That’s why we’ve proudly partnered with AirRobe so you can recycle or re-sell your shoes with one easy click.

We need to think forward and make sure our products are loved and taken care of until the very end. That's why we value collaborations like these, so that together we can take small steps that create meaningful change.