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Waste To Wonder

We’re only small, but have big ambitions, and in the wake of a growing climate emergency every action matters. We need to make more responsible choices, so it's easier for you to make them too.

Shoe production accounts for one-fifth of the fashion industry’s environmental impact and generates 1.4% of global carbon emissions. But circularity in footwear is still extremely difficult to achieve, as shoes are typically made from a variety of different materials that are engineered to stick together, making them near impossible to disassemble.

Whilst fashion is sadly having a detrimental impact on our natural resources, it also has the ability to become one of the most circular industries. As a design led and creative brand, we have the ability to reimagine anything into something new. We don’t get rid of our leftover fabrics or deadstock - we bring them back into the spotlight via new designs and ideas, and with this new 'From Waste To Wonder' initiative we hope to inspire others to do the same.





Fashion has a waste problem, we want to fix it.

In an effort to minimize overconsumption, we carefully consider the design, production process and material of each style so they have a greater impact on your wardrobe and a smaller impact on the environment.

We also carefully consider the lifecycle of each style we produce, with a focus on longevity and care & repair.



Whilst we’re working towards more circular designs and materials, we hope to inspire people to see that the waste that surrounds us can be transformed into something beautiful and useful. It’s the old that becomes new.


Together, small actions can create meaningful change.