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Green Ambition


We're only small but we have big ambitions, and in the wake of a growing climate emergency, every action matters. 


Forests are the lungs of our planet; releasing oxygen and storing and removing CO2 from the atmosphere. They’re undeniably the biggest heroes in nature’s battle against climate change, yet are being destroyed at an alarming rate.

Cut down for logging, mining, oil and gas extraction and agriculture colonisation, when forests are cleared or burned, much of the carbon they store ends back up in our atmosphere. Similar to burning fossil fuels, this carbon changes our planet’s climate and contributes to rising temperatures, severe storms and droughts and rising sea levels. At a snapshot, tropical deforestation accounts for up to 15% of net global carbon emissions each year. That’s the same as every car, truck, bus, plane, ship and train on the planet combined. 
The Amazon The Amazon rainforest alone gives us one-fifth of the oxygen we breathe, provides 20% of the world’s freshwater and is home to half of the species of life on Earth. When destroyed, it would take hundreds, if not thousands of years to recover to a point at which it’s storing as much carbon as it is now. So once it’s gone, it’s a very long road back. rainforest alone gives us one-fifth of the oxygen we breathe, provides us with 20% of the world’s freshwater and is home to half of the species of life on earth.

It wasn’t until recently that scientists figured out just how much nature could contribute to solving the climate crisis.

Nature-based climate solutions provide up to 37% of emission reductions needed by 2030 to keep the global temperature under 2 degrees Celsius – 30% percent more than previously estimated.

This also means that no matter what we’ll invent in the next few years, we’re unlikely to see better carbon capture and storage technology than what nature already provides in the form of forests and grasslands.

Rainforest Trust is a charity that is the global leader in rainforest protection, protecting an astounding 23 million acres of rainforest since 1988. They’re funded in a way that ensures 100% of the money paid to them goes directly to on-the-ground projects to protect and support indigenous tribes, safeguard endangered species and fight the climate crisis.


Sustainability is a journey and we’re always learning. That means committing to better choices every day to minimise our social and environmental impact in order to become the most responsible business we can be. Some critics argue that carbon offsetting does more harm than good by allowing companies to exaggerate or falsify their climate progress. According to VCMI (Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity Initiative), carbon offsetting only works if we agree on the rules around integrity. And this can only happen in the context of a company's validated and science-based plan to get to net zero. At ESSEN, we’re invested in ensuring we not only work with high-value carbon credit projects but actively reduce our own emissions too. That’s why we carefully consider the design, means of production and materials we use so that every style can maximise your wardrobe while minimising your environmental footprint.

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