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Giving Back

Since the beginning, I’ve been on a mission to create shoes that are aesthetically beautiful, supremely comfortable and ethically made. At ESSEN, we’re creating a brand that upholds a more conscious pace and process – where decisions are made sustainably, with attention to every detail and putting people and the planet first.  

The power of your purchase goes far beyond our product. By shopping with us you not only support small businesses and skilled artisans, but you also have the opportunity to select where you'd like our donation to go, and to track the growth of our donations in real time.

I’m proud to be in partnership with i=Change and excited to raise awareness to causes I feel connected to. When completing your purchase, you will have the opportunity to choose from the below 3 life-changing projects at checkout and donate from your sale to one charity of your choice.  

We donate $2 from every sale to an i=Change charity of your choice.

Together we have raised

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Forests are the lungs of our planet, storing and removing CO2 from the atmosphere. The rainforest takes hundreds, if not thousands of years to recover to a point at which it’s storing as much carbon as it is now. It’s a really long road back, once it’s gone.

Each Order Saves 5 Endangered Trees.

This is why we’ve decided to protect trees, rather than plant new ones. Each time you shop with us we'll protect 5 endangered rainforest trees, which is one of the most immediate and efficient ways to fight climate change. View our live impact page here or learn more here.

OneTribe - Climate Action Counter