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Thea Løvstad | In Her Shoes

Thea Løvstad is a photographer and eco-artist born and raised in a small town by the sea, South in Norway. She has always been inspired and influenced by the contrasts of the special, serene Scandinavian light and the raw nature.  Read More

Maria van Nguyen | In Her Shoes

Maria Van Nguyen is a designer and creative director based in Oslo. Maria curates a beautiful world where she talks about learning to live a more considerate, simple and better life. We sat down with her to chat about art, culture, style, travel and food.

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The Luxe Loafer

The Luxe Loafer is a modern reinterpretation of a classic style, it features contemporary detailing and is intricately handcrafted from supple Italian box calf leather. Read More

Go Behind The Scenes

A quiet Sunday in a small studio space turned incredibly busy as months of hard work finally came to a close. Hair, makeup, wardrobe, lights, cameras and lots and lots of shoes all came together to create our first campaign shoot. Read More