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Go Behind The Scenes

A quiet Sunday in a small studio space turned incredibly busy as months of hard work finally came to a close. Hair, makeup, wardrobe, lights, cameras and lots and lots of shoes all came together to create our first campaign shoot. Take an exclusive look behind the scenes below. Not shown: Two flights to Melbourne, 12 people on set. Coffee, lots of coffee. Three trips to our factories in Europe. Hours of Design & Product Development. Styling Sessions. Fit testing. Several rounds of review with the Photographer. Thousands of shots narrowed down to our final campaign selection. Creative, Production, Merchandising and many, very late nights. Special thanks to Stylecraft for the Claude Easy Chair.

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Inside Our Factories | Made in Italy

For our first releases, we travelled to the land of artisanal craftsmanship, Italy. Twice a year we visit a beautiful place called Le Marche, where modern shoemaking was invented. Also known as the Shoe Valley, Le Marche is a historical region best known for eminent Italian shoemaking and considered the world’s oldest and best shoe manufacturing district since 1901. Here we work with an alliance of skilled artisan shoemakers whose skills have been passed on generation after generation. It’s a solid base of family-run factories and local craftsmen. Our factories have more than 30 years of experience producing handmade shoes and the artisans employ time-honoured methods passed down through generations, to produce timeless shoes that are uncompromised in their construction. From the leather selection, the...

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